​​EDE Electric Motor Testing


Periodic Calibration

Electric Motor Testers require periodic maintenance to ensure their performance. Self certification makes this easy.

The Cal5000 system is a passive device for maintenance professionals to verify calibration and self certify their leading vendor's electric motor test equipment. Avoid downtime by quickly verifying equipment using this NIST traceable calibrated apparatus. Prevent unnecessary shipment of expensive, sensitive test equipment, along with being provided in a rugged transport shipment case, for its own periodic certification.

This device carries an array of traceable and certified calibrated resistance values. These values are selected based upon those generally required for verification of several leading manufacturer's electric motor test equipment. For ease of use, a multi-vendor adapter test lead kit is furnished with the unit.

The CAL5000LT (Lite) is ideal for double checking results and to pre-test/verify field test equipment. 

1000:1 Voltage Divider Readout - Multi-Meter Range Extender

Included in the CAL5000 is an internal 1000:1 Voltage Divider, which provides the ability to use a standard digital multi-meter as a voltage display. In order to verify calibration of higher voltage test equipment with a standard multi-meter, this calibrated read out circuit is necessary. 

Intended Use

Periodic verification of electric motor test equipment indicated values. Including, but not limited to the following types of equipment: Insulation testers, Meg-ohm Meters, Continuity Testers, AC/DC High Potential Testers, Surge Testers that have Meg-Ohm or HiPot function, Digital Multimeters and DLRO's and other motor test equipment such as Motor Circuit Evaluation devices (MCE).

CAL5000Calibration Verification System

More Information

Hard at Work

  • Huge time savings: not waiting on shipping or product manufacturer to clear schedule.
  • Ability to audit internal equipment function (ie: before every shift or monthly vs yearly).
  • Verify performance of rental equipment.