CAL5000S Surge Calibration Verification System

CAL5000S Surge Readout/Reflective Voltage Spike Measurement

The CAL5000S allows for the calibration verification of surge testers. The high frequency nature of the surge pulse requires a probe with suitable bandwidth. 1000:1, 100:1 or 10:1 dividers allow easy measurement of high frequency voltages. This includes surge testers, VFD output Voltage, or shaft voltage via probe or CT.

Intended Use

Primary intended use: Calibration verification of most of the commercial surge and impulse generators available on the market today. This is typically done/required on a periodic, or yearly basis and may be done as part of in process quality control and/or other procedures. The device uses non differential measurement of high frequency conducted signals, at voltages up to +/-15kV impulse. 

Secondary intended use:  Non differential measurement of AC “peak” voltages at 50-400 cycles of up to 10kv RMS are able to be measured. The device can be used to sample the peak voltages developed by current limited voltage generators, impulse generators, surge generators, transient over voltages in power supplies, power delivery systems, such as the output voltages developed by PWM (pulse width modulation) or even ASD (adjustable speed drive) circuits.

The output measured is then signal conditioned, and resulting +/- peak voltage in relation to earth ground is supplied to a dual banana jack for connection to a digital multi-meter. The resulting display operation makes for very rapid, easy to understand detection of peak voltages, in applications where frequency/period/wave shape are not critical, only the peak voltage.

A probe comprised of non conducting material, with provision for BNC plug output, and a clamp for ground reference are necessary. A suitable, calibrated, digital multi-meter or oscilloscope (for display purposes) can be supplied separately or at the time of purchase.

 Considerations for alternatives uses: For example, it may be desirable or necessary to measure the instantaneous voltage between two circuit elements, not in reference to earth ground (PE).  Such an application generally requires special precautions and EDE Application Engineering should be consulted for recommended practices.

Hard at Work

  • Greatly reduced production downtime due to no shipping for annual calibration verification
  • Verify multiple instrument readings to ensure viable results at different plant locations.
  • In process verification of equipment.

Periodic Surge Calibration

Electric Motor Testers require periodic maintenance to ensure their performance. Self certification makes this easy.

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