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When you have test reports in front of you, and you want them to make sense, contact EDE. We can answer your questions, and provide answers that clear things up.

Say for example that you have had a group of your large critical motors, predictive tested at your facility. This was during your maintenance outage. One of the large motors was identified as having a problem. (A 1250HP 2300V 514RPM induction motor) It turns out that they think it has a serious problem. A turn to turn short circuit was identified during the surge test sequence. A stator rewind is recommended by the motor repair shop. A rewind of a large motor like this carries a significant cost, and will certainly restore the motor operation.
Short circuits are a very important problem to identify, as when a turn to turn short exists, in an induction motor – overheating and insulation failure will occur. Once insulation failure occurs, a ground fault will follow and the motor will no longer safely run. This is why surge testing is specified, as the best way to prevent problems is to avoid them in the first place. The surge test can identify certain insulation problems during maintenance outage periods, giving you time to repair them. Sometimes, a rewind is the best (and only) way to repair the weak electric insulation. This concept (weeding out the bad apples) helps you avoid unplanned equipment downtime during your production run.
What is vitally important to consider is the following concept:
An example: Suffering a sharp pain, you go to the doctor, and he tells you that you have a bad diagnosis ~2 weeks you need to have major surgery. Do you simply accept the diagnosis, put your affairs in order and wait on the couch for the surgery to be scheduled? Or, do you seek a second opinion in the mean time?
A second, independent opinion is what EDE data analysis services can help with.
There is a possibility that the first diagnosis was flawed. There could have been a problem with the diagnostic equipment, either the test specification or the hardware itself. How does a plant manager who is an expert in operations and production judge the accuracy of electric test results? The manager is not an expert in the discipline of electric test. Seeking a second opinion is a wise choice for any seasoned manager.
It does not make much time to seek a second opinion from EDE Electric Motor Testing.
If you have test results from the test company, send them to us. We are able to provide second opinions on a variety of vendors test equipment.
How to send us the data:
The most rapid and convenient way will be to email the data as an attachment to us at EDE. In the subject line of the email, ask for a second opinion about data analysis. The second best method would be to fax the data.
We will review the data and provide a quote to you for the data analysis service.
Phone: 970-581-6797
 EDE experience includes the following vendor’s electric motor test equipment:
 Baker Instrument Company an SKF® Group Company
RM Prüftechnik GmbH
Iris Power Engineering a Qualitrol Company
Megger® Insulation Tester
ECG Co. Ltd.
BJM Corp All Test 31
Quadtech AC Hipot
CCI Colorado Crestview Instruments
Tonghui DC Hipot
Electrom TIG Winding Analyzer
PJ Electronics
Schleich Surge Tester
Kokusai Insulation tester
Samatic Surge Tester
Associated Research AC Hipot
Hipotronics DC Hipot
Hi-V Instruments SCT-12
Rotor Bar Tester RT1A
Rotor Bar Tester RT1
Whitelegg Machines

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