​​EDE Electric Motor Testing



Technical Support, Repair & Calibration

EDE Electric Motor Testing, Inc. is dedicated to supporting your test equipment for electric motors and generators.Our expertise is in electrical testing, calibration, technical support, trouble-shooting, measurement, diagnostics and data analysis. We won't let you down.

EDE Electric Motor Testing strives to expand the science in this field. By using decades of experience, we support your motor test equipment, and provide clear status reports on their serviceability. We follow industry standard Motor, Generator and other Electrical Apparatus electrical test procedures.

Has this sad story happened to you...? Tonight, there will be a motor or generator that trips and will not re-start at the plant. Line down. Operations is panicked. What should be done? Where can you get technical support? Who can provide training to your technicians?

The E/I department has an entire store room full of Electric Motor Test equipment. Most of these are in black boxes, and tonight, there 

are no technicians available who are certified on the testers. Making it worse, upon calling the test equipment vendor's - they have knocked off work for the evening...

This is where we come in. Our staff has years of experience with most of the recognized Electric Motor Test Equipment, methods and leading vendors motor diagnostics. We will review your test processes, and inventory of equipment. And then, determine how to proceed. If you want the motor or generator testing performed, as a turn key solution, we can make it happen! If you want training on the testers you have in your inventory, we can make it happen! If you need the equipment in your inventory evaluated, and guidance about how to get it calibrated and repaired, we can make it happen!