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Our H-PD-2 Heater Power Detector is for continuous monitoring of electric motor winding heaters. It is also useful for switchgear heaters and other temperature sensitive applications.

Monitor the real time performance of the space heaters inside electric motors, and other constant current apparatus. The H-PD-2 is an easy way to do the job.

Optical isolated output allows you to drive a PLC or other transmitter direct with the H-PD-2.

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New for 2017

The SST-50 Start/Stop/Time is a rechargeable battery enclosed unit that magnetically attaches to the outside of the motor case and counts each start. It also records run time in 6 minute intervals (1/10 Hour). The display gives the maintenance professional knowledge on duty cycle that motors are operating within.

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H-PD-2Heater Power Detector

The CAL5000 Calibration Verification System is for periodic maintenance or calibration checks of electrical test equipment.  It provides NIST traceability to the following but not limited to equipment: Insulation testers, Meg-ohm Meters, Continuity Testers, AC/DC High Potential Testers, Surge Testers that have Meg-Ohm or HiPot function, Digital Multimeters and DLRO's and other motor test equipment such as Motor Circuit Evaluation devices (MCE)

SST-50 Start Stop Timer 

Our Products

The CAL5000S is a new add on module for the CAL5000 Calibration Verification System. It can be purchased separately. It is useful to verify the output voltage of surge testers, and other high frequency voltages.

The CAL5000S allows easy measurement of surge voltage impulses (from Surge Testers), Spike voltages from reflected waves (from VFD motor applications) and detecting shaft voltages (which age motor bearings)