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There is. Call EDE Electric for support on your electric motor test equipment questions. 1-970-581-6797.  EDE lives and breathes electric motors, and all electric motor test equipment. We are standing by - ready to help you.

Electric Motor Testing

At EDE we provide electric motor test services, using the best test equipment in the marketplace. Whether you need online dynamic monitoring, or off line electric motor testing for predictive maintenance, and quality control, EDE is your solution. 

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Data Analysis

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When you have test reports in front of you, and you want them to make sense, contact EDE. We can answer your questions, and provide answers that clear things up. Need a second opinion on test results from an outside testing company ...no problem. We can provide clarification.

EDE provides world class technical support and customer service. If you have applications, testing, troubleshooting, calibration, repair, rental equipment other test needs, we are your solution. Phone Support, Web Support, Email Support or Onsite. 

Typical Predictive Maintenance motor testing from motor control cabinets offers in-site into the serviceability of motor processes.  The best testers for this job are programmed with a set of Test ID's that are tailored to the motor electrical specifications. Testing to specs helps  determine the condition of the electrical insulation.

If you need help operating, programming, testing or anything else with your tester, EDE is standing by, ready to help.

​Technical Support/Repair & Calibration

How many times have you called factory support for your motor test equipment? This can be a very troubling experience. After being passed around an endless circle, and being promised answers, the call drops. Or, you are promised help, but then promptly forgotten. And, it did not help that the support technician was not based in North America.​

There has to be some other option, don't you think?

Our Promise

EDE instructors have acquired a wealth of knowledge, through many years of practical field experience and are willing to share it. These new Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes are standardized.

User specific i.e. tailored to your needs classes are also also regularly provided. 

Technical Support

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