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Test Tips

Test Tip #1

Testing motors or generators in Storage:  An easy way to become proficient with electric motors testing equipment during normal operation....

Technical Library

Test Tip #4

A degraded stator like this one can be tested in various ways, don't forget you can usually core loss test the stator iron before you strip the coils. 

Technical Articles/Case Studies
Electrical Diagnostic Engineering posts technical articles about instruments that are used to perform testing. This is where you will find articles about Partial Discharge,  Surge Testers, Motor Testers, Insulation Testers, Coil Winding and the like. Pictured to the right is a High Voltage Surge Generator, rated for up to 3 million volts!  

Application Notes/FAQ's

Application notes for EDE goods and services are posted in this section. For example, if you have an AC Hipot and wonder how to apply it to your CAL5000, this will be a good place to find information.

Application Notes and FAQs (Frequently asked questions) will be posted regularly.

Instrumentation Operation Manuals/Training Videos

User guides for test equipment are often lost or forgotten. At EDE, we are sure to keep them handy for our customers. Also, click on the link below to go to our YouTube page for quick start training videos on the CAL5000 voltage and resistance measurements.




Test Tip #2

Rotating fields can be drop tested, surge tested, or impedance tested. Regardless - short out the stator phase ends and open the diode bridge/slip rings for the test you select...

Test Tip #3

Large armatures like this one are often equalized or cross connected. This may make troubleshooting more complex. Contact EDE to learn how to work this out...