"I think you have a permanent gig. We will send your our other testers because of your fair prices and great customer service, which is better than the rest"

Greg S. B+M Machinery El Paso Dec 8, 2016

"There is power in Simplicity"

Edward J. Prorock –Jr  opinion upon completion of EDE Test methods for motors and generators class. Mar 25, 2016

"Hello, just wanted to let you know that we are up and running. We did successfully save the motor test results. Thank you so much for all of your help and time. I really appreciate it. Hope you have a wonderful day."

 Melissa Monk
United Industrial Service
​ 540-726-9512
July 21, 2015

"Just wanted to thank you again George for the quick turnaround with our AWA Machine.  Your efforts are very much appreciated!"
Beckie Kletrovets
04/08/2015 9:22 AM

​"...Thank you for your great service as usual."

Best Regards,
Dusko Ladisic
Technical Engineer / Operations Manager
Feb 26, 2015


I really appreciate you traveling to the Sutton plant to teach the training session.
The class was very interesting and informative.  Your presentation was well
delivered and easy to follow. I enjoyed it immensely. Hope you got a chance to
spend some time on the beach.

Would it be possible to get a copy of the Power Point presentation for future reference? "

James M. Diedrich
Duke Energy
I & C Department
Asheville Steam Station
August, 2014


Your solution worked perfectly!
Initially the multimeter read 5.6 VDC. We adjusted it to 5.19 and ran a couple of
 tests. It didn't reset and finished the tests without any trouble.

We are very grateful for your help. You saved us plenty of money and time.
If you ever need anything don't hesitate to let me know! If you ever find yourself in Chihuahua, Mexico we would be glad to meet you.

Muchas gracias!

Humberto Ortiz O.
Reconstructora  Alpha S.A. de C.V
July 17, 2014

"Thanks again for the excellent service."


Vika Chuprova"
July 9, 2014

"Thank you for having George contact me.  His expert assistance helped me isolate the problem and we are now testing correctly!  Thank you again!"

Kind regards,
Brian Beckham"
Engineering/process engineer
ICC International
June 10, 2014

"More than anything I wish to thank you for the personal touch. Too many times business can be faceless “feel like a number” transaction. The time both of you took to discuss the work with me goes a long way with me. The extra effort George put into analyzing some past data acquisition in conjunction with the calibration service really impressed me.

I can’t imagine that I would not follow up with your service for our next calibration on this machine. Thanks again!"

Russ Hawkins
Electrical Specialist, E&M Engineering Dept.
Shell Oil, Martinez Refinery
May 22, 2014

"I just wanted to thank you for sending us the blue EDE pens. I have used mine so much I wore it out. Not only do you do a great job in the testing field, but you sure know how to pick a pen that works!

Homewood Products Corp
Pittsburgh PA

March 2014

"I have been doing business with Mr. George Frey over the past decade and I
couldn’t be any happier! Not only has Mr. Frey helped train me to become
competent with the Baker AWA IV and the Baker EXP3000, he also has always
answered the phone to help me troubleshoot ALL of my electrical equipment
and systems. What separates Mr. Frey from most other engineers is his ability
to relay his vast technical knowledge down to a level that a non-engineer like
me can understand. George takes the “business” out of doing business and I truly consider him one of my tool partners."

Preston Stuart, E/I/Predictive Maintenance, Clearwater Paper, Las Vegas.

 "George Frey was always one of my first choices of people to call when I ran
into motor testing issues regardless of what they were. George helped me
figure out my questions each and every time. I can’t even begin to count the number of times he bailed me out of tight spots with his technical expertise.

George is a real pleasure to work with and has an incredible wealth of
knowledge and excellent Customer Service Skills."

Dave Olinger, Field Service Manager, Northwest Motor Service

“I have known George for approximately 12 years now and from the
beginning I was impressed with his technical expertise.  He is one of those
people who has deep understanding of motor testing issues.

Not only is George able to answer my questions, is the way he answers them. He takes the time to explain my problem in terms I can understand and makes sure that I find the best solution.”

Tony Demaria, of Tony Demaria Electric, Inc.

"I first met George at a motor seminar in Atlanta some 15 years ago. When I met him I didn’t know I would depend on him as much as I do today. We built a relationship on knowledge of the business. I started calling George with motor test result problems shortly after the Atlanta trip. I now consult with him from time to time on different solutions and findings. He has continued to help me with both AC and DC motor testing. I have been in the motor business for 30 plus years and George is a person you can contact for an answer."

Raikes Bennett, I & E Specialist, McGuire Nuclear Station, Huntersville, N.C.

"My experiences with George date back well over a dozen years. It's hard to get through this thick skull sometimes. But George was always able to point me in the right direction. George has always made himself available and found a way to make our problem his problem. I can't think of any other person I would rather contact with motor testing questions."

Ron Louthen T&N Electric, Inc

"Thanks for your prompt service"
Owner of a well known Industrial Service company, Jan 05, 2012

"Thank you for the prompt service"
Quality Assurance Manager of a large Industrial Electrical Company Feb 1, 2012

"...I think you have a winner with the CAL 5000... I think this machine will  prove very popular with all our customers in Western Canada. I have heard  so many horror stories from customers shipping equipment back and forth across the border. This machine will prove a godsend for many of them. We will be doing them a great favour and take away a lot of their sleepless nights wondering where in hell’s name their test equipment is.”

Wayne Pernu, President, Omega Power Consulting Services


 The button arrived today. Thanks once again for the great support!

Jon Hughes"
Quality Assurance Manager, Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc.

"I am very lucky I met George. He has bailed me out in many tight situations.George has a very vast knowledge in electric motor testing be it AC or DC. He has this uncanny ability of explaining things in detail.He is very dependable and makes sure that any
issue is resolved properly and done in a timely manner.  My hats off to you for your excellent service."

Sherwin Fajardo/ Alexandria Armature Works
October, 2012

"You have gone above and beyond in helping us with our projects. I wanted to express to you how much we appreciate your assistance. I look forward to continuing our business relationship with our future projects. Please call me if I can ever be of any assistance to you."

Sergio H. Andre, Jr.
Vice-President, The Pump & Motor Works, Inc.
March, 2013

“ Once again, George Frey provided not only timely and expeditious customer site calibration for one of our Baker D12R units, but due to an emergency job that required our second D12R to be taken out of state, he also calibrated the second unit immediately upon its arrival in Colorado in order for us to continue our mission with fully calibrated equipment. Additionally, formal and finalized electronic calibration sheets were prepared and sent immediately following each calibration. Out of the ten calibration services we utilize, George Frey and EDE Electric Motor Testing are–hands down without contest–the best calibration service we experience each year. Put simply, EDE provides exceptional customer service on time, every time. There are many things to be concerned about in business; however dealing with EDE is not one of them."

Jon Hughes
Quality Assurance Manager
Leppert-Nutmeg, Inc.
Generator & Electric Motor Testing, Service & Repair Specialists
Bloomfield, CT
April, 2013


Our tester arrived yesterday and is performing well. Thank you for pushing it thru for us! I’ve already had a customer wanting a test report."  Thanks again.

Nolan Kittrell"
Aug. 2013

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