​​EDE Electric Motor Testing


Local, Regional & Onsite

Training Courses

Regional Seminars

Regional seminars are provided for larger groups. For example:  well over 100 attended our most recent seminar in Singapore.

Beginner Electrical Diagnostic Testing of Rotating Machinery

Course Description/Subjects: 1 day, 8 hours of instruction.

This entry level course is designed to give attendees adequate working
knowledge of fundamental electrical tests. Specifically, those
recommended for electric motor and generator electric insulation systems.
This course is not test equipment vendor specific.

Intermediate Electrical Diagnostic Testing of Rotating Machinery
Course Description/Subjects: 2 days, 8 hours of instruction/day.

This course is designed for those who already have some practical knowledge of motor  and generator electrical test techniques. It expands upon the student's knowledge and can be test equipment vendor specific.

Advanced Electrical Diagnostic Testing of Rotating Machinery
Course Description/Subjects: 3 days, 8 hours of instruction per day.

This course is designed for seasoned motor testing professionals, who may need a brush up on the latest techniques, or students who have successfully completed the Beginner and Intermediate courses. This course covers the high points of the previous two diagnostic classes, and then expands upon the knowledge base.

Onsite Training Classes

Workshop testing is also complimented by on-site motor training. Many customers prefer instructors to visit their facilities like this October 2012 Training that was performed at FPSO Cidade de Itajai. 

EDE instructors have acquired a wealth of knowledge, through many years of
practical field experience and are willing to share it. These new Beginner,
Intermediate and Advanced classes are standardized.

User specific i.e. tailored to your needs classes are also also regularly provided. 

Workshop Training classes are regularly

conducted that include hands on instruction.

This type of instruction is very important to

truly understand and retain the knowledge

gained during training. Hearing it, and see

it done, do not compare to actually doing

the testing.